Showing the world her woman power!

Ever since Saakshi was a teenager, she had the urge to do something offbeat, to be a little different from everyone else around her. She had ambitions that, one could say, were a little too unconventional for a conventional society. And that became the biggest challenge that she had to face.

While Saakshi wanted to be a businesswoman with a venture of her own, growing up she realised that the problem lies in one place – a woman being in the position of power. After a lot of convincing when her parents agreed to support her dreams, even bigger hurdles awaited Saakshi.

Her dream was to start a cafe where people could hang out, bond, and have a fun time. With a little help from a close friend, Deepshikha, she acquired a place and designed it with her own creativity. But she was in for a shock when no one wanted to work under a female boss! That’s when Saakshi made up her mind to appoint only female staff, right from cooks to waitresses. And that turned out to be the best decision she ever made.

Today, Saakshi is the proud owner of the Sparrow Cafe in Varanasi, a dream that she realised after overcoming all the obstacles that stood in her way, and the judgemental eyes that are ever ready to judge her every move.

Sparrow Cafe is a nice and quiet place near Assi Ghat, where one can get away from the hustle bustle of life, even if just for a while. Sometimes a cup of coffee and a warm atmosphere is all you need to smile. And Saakshi’s Cafe promises to do so everytime you visit!

TEDxAssiRd is proud to be associated with such a strong woman who has proved that if the will is strong, nothing and no one can stop you from achieving your dream!

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