Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: The world is one Family

“In the globalized world that is ours, maybe we are moving towards a global village, but that global village brings in a lot of different people, a lot of different ideas, lots of different backgrounds, lots of different aspirations.“

                                                                                                                                                                  -Lakhdar Brahimi


Living in the 21st century, you just cannot confine yourself within the bounds of your country, your own culture, or your own ideologies. Our world is a “Global Village” now and we’re its Global denizens.

Ever since Globalization, countries and people have no longer remained oblivious of each other’s cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, and ideologies. Boundaries are no longer stark, rather they appear blurred, mingling into each other.

And, why is it so?

We’ve become much more open minded and embracing than the world that we once used to know. We’ve started to see and acknowledge the beauty and wonderful traits of cultures that are essentially different from ours. It is these differences that are bringing us closer. Imbibing these “different” traits from cultures within our own is so much easier now. It is exciting, it is thrilling, and it is this acceptance and intermingling that gives rise to cross-cultures.

For instance, Yoga and Ayurveda from India are no longer the monopoly of our country, they have gained increased acceptance and acknowledgement in the West; the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui has been embraced by cultures across the globe; in India, we have created our very own version of Chinese, the Indian Chinese cuisine; our Indian concept of Vastu too has gained acknowledgement in various parts of the world; the emergence of World Music – all these have become a reality today because of intermingling of cultures and thought processes.

In today’s world, great ideas of revolutionaries and the leaders of tomorrow never remain confined to themselves or their own nations. They are shared and spread far and wide to inspire the multitude. Today, boundaries are only political, while the mind never was, and never will be bound. Through our mind, through our ideas and revolutionary thoughts we have the power to transcend all boundaries and become the true citizens of this ever growing Global Village!


This is what TEDxAssiRd 2017 is all about – transcending boundaries and promoting the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The world is one Family!


Are you ready to be inspired? Are you ready to see what it’s like to transcend boundaries?

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